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Next day loans are instantly approved for the UK people who are presently employed and getting monthly or bi-weekly salary. They are instantly approved for the loan on the basis of their employment status and the approved loan comes in their bank checking account in the same day or next business day.

These are also known as payday loans, implying that you will be approved an amount for the period until your next payday. The applicants should be having an active bank checking account as well.

Next day loans are short-term unsecured loans that are usually approved against a post-dated cheque of the amount to be repaid and interest payments on it. The loan approval comes for a very short period of 14 days until your next payday. You can stretch the repayment even for a month after making the interest payments.

The loan ranges from £100 to £1500 depending on your monthly salary. You can use the loan for any personal purpose like family emergencies and timely paying off expensive credit card bills.

If you are carrying risky history of late payments, payment defaults or CCJs, next day loans are still available quickly as lenders do not perform any credit checks. For the UK bad credit borrowers, these are ideal instant loans that they can borrow without fear of credit checks.

However, a drawback of these loans is high interest charges. high APR is disadvantageous for salaried people as they have to make good amount of interest payment on small loan on next payday.

It is advisable to borrow next day loans from online lenders who are known for competitive interest charges. even a slightly reduced interest rate will save you money and repayment on the due date will be much easier.